7 proven ways to score an IB 45

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an advanced curriculum that prepares 16-19 year old youngsters studying in high school school tertiary education. The organization´s long lasting name & logo was change since 2007 to reflect the program´s re-organization. The term IB therefore applies to the organization itself, the four programs taught or the certificates/diploma´s awarded to students.

Although scoring IB 45 overall seems in no way possible, it definitely is possible and this article will give you all the steps necessary to make this a reality!


1. Always have your own study routine:

Building & organizing a study routine always leads to efficiency and productivity because we are able to be flexible with our schedules as well as with our studied material. Being flexible with our study time allows us to prepare ourselves for exams and plan ahead. Planning ahead will almost certainly allow us to anticipate our exam questions and calmly answer all questions being as relevant as possible.


The ideal strategy consists of:


Balancing your time between each subject: We have always succumbed to our worries and focused most of our time on subjects we deemed the hardest. This can easily be avoided by creating a flexible study schedule consisting of focusing all of our time on each subject in a consistent manner i.e 1 hour for each subject with half-hour breaks to relax and reflect on your studied material. Never overdo it however, focus on 2-3 different subjects per day to have all your notes ready for memorization.

Always start with the most difficult subjects first: This will ease your worries significantly, and allow you to have all the time you need. The earlier you focus on the hardest of the hardest, the easier the exam will be!


2. Have an organized timetable at your disposal: In order to be able to focus on all of your subjects and manage time efficiently, it is imperative to always have a well structured timetable. Timetables are basically defined as your own schedule record, which serves to remind you of the different courses you will be studying for each day. Create an equal time period in order to be able to focus on each of your subjects.


3.  Remain Ahead of Others: If you dedicate as much of your time as possible in free days, vacations & weekends, you will essentially be able learn your curriculum significantly faster than your peers. If you dedicate extra time for your studies, you will be surprised that the start of the very next week (right after vacations) you will already know the material even before your teacher covers the topic in class!


4. Follow each steps of your course syllabus: Your syllabus always covers all the topics you will be studying in your current semester. If you follow all steps and dedicate your time for each different subject outlined in its corresponding syllabus, you will be surprised that by the time you will taking your midterms & finals, you´ll know how to answer most of your exam questions.


5. Don´t be afraid to ask questions: There´s no shame in asking your teacher for help, its their job for you to pass all of your exams successfully. The more questions you ask, the more time you will be saving as you will be able to find all the answers you need without having to stress yourself looking for them in your textbooks. It is a common fact that many of us do indeed learn better through communication, especially if our answers are well explained by our teachers.

Word of advice: It is common for us to have teachers we have difficult studying with. Fear not, help is readily available where it is ideal to find your own private tutor who you can understand and feel confident to study with. Alternatively, you can also look for online videos covering your topic of study.


6. Work on extra subjects: If you have extra time, its definitely worth it to dedicate extra time on one of your other subjects. Who knows, you may obtain the knowledge necessary to not fall victim to the dreaded ´´unexpected exam trick questions´´, and score additional points in your midterms/finals.


7. NEVER BE LATE!: Studying for your exams at the last minute is the worst possible option. Leaving everything at the last minute is the worst possible outcome for any exam. However, this can easily be avoided by applying the steps mentioned above.

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