Battle Against Coronavirus: 5 Positive steps

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As we all may be aware, coronavirus is currently spreading itself like wildfire. Its is highly evident that the whole world is living in fear, some fearing that sooner or later one of us may fall victim to the debatably unstoppable disease. But fear not, no matter how unpleasant the coronavirus may seem to be, most people have been able to recover this greatly dreaded disease.

Here are 5 positive aspects found in the battle against coronavirus:


1. Most cases are mild to moderate

Coronavirus is mostly symptomless in early stages, therefore most of us will even be unaware whether we actually have coronavirus or not. Even if we are found to be positive carriers of this disease, roughly 80% of us will suffer mild flu-like symptoms. More severe cases have only shown to be roughly 14% where most the patients develop pneumonia as the disease progresses, whereas only 5% of the cases were shown to be critical to fatal.

As widespread coronavirus may currently be, it certainly isn´t as fatal as some perceive it. In fact, most of us should be able to cope as the disease is almost always found in early stages, giving us plenty of possibilities to recover.

2. Most people recover from coronavirus quickly

Because coronavirus is rather easy to detect at early stages, survival rates are significantly higher when compared to the mortality rates.

Out of the current 92,863 confirmed cases, survival rates are capped at 48,469  whereas mortality rates were found to be currently at 3,168

3. The virus can be prevented fairly easily

Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide as well as washing hands with commercial soap products have all been found to be effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

4. Vaccines are currently in development

With coronavirus cases quickly on the rise, so is research and vaccine development. The University of Queensland has informed of its use of the novel technology known as Molecular Clamp. The Molecular Clamp consists of creating chimeric molecules in order to replicate the molecular structure of the target virus. If successful, the University of Queensland may indeed be able to bring us closer to a coronavirus vaccine.

5. Information about Coronavirus is updated frequently

With coronavirus updates easily available, we can always be conscious and try to prevent ourselves in contracting the disease. With information and tips to battle coronavirus readily at our disposal, we can apply the measures (see point 3) and do as best as we can to not only prevent ourselves from ever falling victim to the disease, but to help spread awareness and stop the disease together the best way we can.


For live updates on coronavirus, click on the video below:

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